Grief: the New Angle

This is weird. I'm sitting in a little house, surrounded by items that remind me of her. There's photos of her grandkids, a knotted blanket that she made, the heavy-duty mixer that she loved, that worn kitchen towel she dried her hands on. There's the photo of her smiling wide. It's weird. I know where... Continue Reading →


Testing, Testing One, Two…

During the past two years, I've written a lot about my relationship with grief, but I've gone radio silent for several months. There's been several reasons. Work keeps me busy and worn out. Writing is a daunting process. And also, the grief cycle isn't turbulent and in the forefront like it used to be. This... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

March 31, 2017 I've neglected my writing for awhile... Writing takes a lot of effort. A lot of energy. So I've been putting it off, ignoring it. But today I broke down. Literally and figuratively. Today I finally wrote a letter. It was certainly the most painful letter I've ever had to write. I never... Continue Reading →

The Introvert’s Dilemma

Last month, I found myself in the middle of the introvert's ultimate dilemma. A lot of people might not understand this dilemma, but I'm counting on all my other super-introverted peeps to get this. Maybe we can work it out together. Let me know what you do in times like these! Here's what happened. Some... Continue Reading →

Here We Are

Thought by now we would all be All grown up, finally free Living our lives, thought we'd fly But here we are Bruised and battle scarred All our beating hearts Here we are, here we are Come this far Fighting for our lives Holding on tonight Here we are We’re not where we thought But... Continue Reading →

What A Server Thinks About Disney

As I've been a server for a little while, I get kinda annoyed at the song "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast. "Life is so unnnerving for a servant who's not serving. He's unwhole without a soul to wait upon." Really? These are supposed to be people who've been turned into sentient objects.... Continue Reading →

Remember When You Used to Read?

Remember those times? It was before you had a smart phone or a laptop. Those times when you would stay up late, like you do now, but you weren't mindlessly flipping from one website to another, trying to keep away boredom. In those days, you were engrossed in a book, devouring one page after another.... Continue Reading →

Rough Ride

It's a funny thing, when you've been on a soul-wrenching ride down white water rapids, and then realize that you've reached the end. After the months of living with heartbreak, is this what it's like to breathe? The foaming river subsides to a sporadic trickle, and you realize that what you told yourself  was true: the... Continue Reading →

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