“Steampunk” Monocle Necklace

This is my latest creation: a monocle necklace. This awesome idea was my sister Stephanie’s. She had found me this cool monocle (hoarder’s house, anyone?), but sadly it didn’t fit my eye. Sometime later she suggested making a necklace or some such thing out of it. Brilliance! I already had all of the supplies (from my previous endeavours), so I sat down, watched Stargate: the Ark of Truth for the first time, and pieced this together.


The “swirly thing” holds all the pieces: chain, monocle, extra chain, keys. To shape it, I wrapped wire around the tip of a pen and then pressed it down to look like a curly-cue. It took quite a few experiments to find the right method, but tada! here it is.


I wanted to go for more of a steampunk look, since a brass monocle just seems steampunk to me. Did I accomplish that? I’m not sure, but I think it’s close. It’s not as finely detailed as most steampunk jewelry, and the cross leans toward gothic, but hey, who says it can’t cross both styles?


Here’s a “fun” fact: these kinds of keys weird me out. It’s the wind-up toy style, and I find it creepy. But apparently it doesn’t creep me out too much, because I’m wearing it. Stephanie comforted me with her inspiring words: “How many keys are around your neck is how many you killed.” Ooo, apparently I’m an evil toy slayer!


It’s not very colourful, and might be a little bland on its own. Because of that and it’s length, I think it’s pretty cool with a scarf. Bonus: I’ve been wanting a really long necklace. Just wait till I start layering it with other necklaces! Oh, and it jingles when I walk. Yikes.

Let me know what you think!


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